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OTC Products

We are your choice of contract manufacturing for Cream, Gels, Spray, Lotion, Liquids.


We are best in suppository products that would take your brand to the next level in the market.


We provide contract manufacturing services for topical drug products, and personal health care products includes semi-solids, Gel,Cream,Ointment,Lotion, Paste,Liquid, Semisolids and Suppositories.

Additional services such as Formulating, filling, packaging, repackaging, digital printing, graphic design and marketing are also provided. Renco Pharma is among the very best in topical contract manufacturing in the USA.

Our primary focus is topical, semi-solid pharmaceutical product development, formulation, analysis, testing, cGMP clinical supply and commercial manufacturing. Renco Pharma helps clients to develop novel formulations


We specialize in the manufacturing capabilities of Gel, Cream, Ointment, Lotion, Paste, Liquid, Semisolids and Suppositories, etc


After your product is formulated, we can then fill and package your product into any type of container such as tubes, bottles, jars, sachets, pouches and packets.


We have our own formula development lab to develop your products. Simply tell us what you want, and we make it! Our formulation expert team love to develop new formula for you. You can also choose a more affordable in-stock formula.


Lab testing of various types of liquids, creams, gels, suspensions, foams and lotions in the pharmaceutical, consumer care and medical device markets is also available. Full-service laboratory for Microbiological Testing, Analytical Testing, Compatibility Testing, Qualitative And Quantitative Testing, Accelerated And Real-Time Stability Testing.

Renco Pharma Researches, Invent, Design, Create, Manufacture, Partner, Collaborate, and Bring different creative health products to commercial market to serve your need. Our major research focus is ‘Topical Pharmaceuticals’. Our major goal is to serve you all with our proprietary products. Our brands are Registered Trademarks.

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Topical Pharmaceuticals

From R&D to Clinical Trial Supply and Commercial Manufacturing, Renco Pharma is your one-stop-choice for your product development and bringing your products to commercial market.

Renco Pharma is an industry expert in healthcare consumables and offers products from OTC creams, Gels, Liquid and Suppositories. With the Cutting Edge Technologies We believe in providing quality products and customized customer service to help grow your business.

Call us to at 1-(800) 430-6096  or email us at

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