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Product Line

Our major focus is ‘Topical Pharmaceuticals’. Our product line includes but not limited to

  1. Topical Pharmaceuticals 

  2.  Semi-Solids                        

  3.  Liquids                                  

  4.  Suppositories                               

Contract Manufacturing

We are expert in Topical Pharmaceuticals. Our contract manufacturing service includes

  1. Creams, Gels and Lotion 

  2. Ointment                             

  3. Liquid                                   

  4. Suppositories                     

About Us

Renco Pharma is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company and end-to-end Contract Service provider for Topical pharmacuticals. We provide top-of-the-line custom contract manufacturing services and Private Label Services in the health and beauty industries. Our Product Line includes Gel, Cream, Ointment,Lotion, Paste, Liquid, Semisolids and Suppositories.

Renco Pharma is a subsidiary of Renco Group established in 2014


Renco Pharma will help you grow your business in Topical Pharmaceutical product Line including Creams, Gel, Foam, Lotion, Ointment, Paste, Powder Liquids etc.


Semisolid dosage forms are the topical dosage form used for the therapeutic, protective or cosmetic functions. We will help you identify a right balance of dosage for for your idea.


Our specialized knowledge in the liquid formulation will help you to launch your brand successfully.


Suppositories are solid or stiffened semi solid dosage forms intended for insertion into body orifices. We will design a product for your idea to lauch successfully.

Renco Pharma Researches, Invent, Design, Create, Manufacture, Partner, Collaborate, and Bring different creative health products to commercial market to serve your need. Our major research focus is ‘Topical Pharmaceuticals’. Our major goal is to serve you all with our proprietary products. Our brands are Registered Trademarks.

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Topical Pharmaceuticals

From R&D to Clinical Trial Supply and Commercial Manufacturing, Renco Pharma is a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing company for your one-stop choice for your product development and bringing your products to the commercial market.

Services We Provide

Formulation R&D

Our deep experience in topical formulation development makes Renco Pharma your one-stop solution.

Analytical Studies

We do provide Analytical Test report for your batches that is required for your FDA regulatory submission for your products.

Clinical Trial Material

Renco Pharma can prepare clinical samples for all Topical Dosage Forms.

Registration Batches

For all of your new product launches, we will provide you registration batch for your topical products to start your stability studies.

Tech Transfer

We will complete tech transfer for your products from laboratory batches to small scale batches to commercial manufacturing.


With our state of the art warehousing facility, we can directly ship your product to your warehouse or to the distributors.

Regulatory Support

For your project and product, we will provide you Regulatory support for current FDA regulations.

Commercial Manufacturing

We offer commercial manufacturing for your products and brands. With our reasonable pricing structure, your project is delivered in time.

Renco Pharma is an industry expert in healthcare consumables and offers products from OTC creams, Gels, Liquid and Suppositories. With the Cutting Edge Technologies We believe in providing quality products and customized customer service to help grow your business.

Call us to at 1-(800) 430-6096  or email us at

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